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Challenging to understand: The negative aspects of cashew nut cultivation in Kenya in English

The global demand for cashew nuts is rapidly increasing. Cashews are consumed worldwide as snacks, dairy alternatives, and ingredients in cooking. Kenya is making efforts to revive the cashew nut industry in the Kilifi coastal region, once a major producer. However, some women in certain factories are exposed to hazardous working conditions. Olivia Bizot, our correspondent, has more details on the situation.

fighting cashew processors

Anger is rising among Ivorian cashew nuts. Dozens of cashew processing plants in Côte d'Ivoire are closed. The country, a world leader in cashew production, processes only 10% of its production locally. Despite the political will to increase this share,…

West African cashew costs are rising

The cashew campaign is in full swing in West Africa, but production forecasts have been revised downwards as in India and Vietnam. As a result, prices are rising and Asia is expected to need African nuts more than usual this year. The misfortune of Asian cashew producers may well make their West African counterparts happy this year. Concerns are confirmed, the cashew nut campaign among the two major producers in India and Vietnam looks less promising this year. Probably for climatic reasons. As a result, Asian…

[Série] Côte d’Ivoire, the world chief in cashew nut manufacturing, is embarking on processing

Lower than 15 days earlier than the primary spherical of the Ivory Coast presidential election, this week RFI is providing you a sequence of 5 studies from Africa and the economic system. First half on Monday: The best way to make Ivorian cashew extra aggressive and, particularly, to overcome the British and European markets? That was the topic of a debate that befell on Friday 16 October in Abidjan.…

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