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Canary Islands: “Spain has become the first destination for migrants arriving in the EU”

It is a tragedy that caused a lot of noise, especially in Senegal: the sinking of a boat off the coast of the country killed at least 140 people, out of the 200 people on board, according to the International Organization for Migration. A record contested by Senegal. The Interior Ministry ensures that no deaths have yet been found. François Gemenne, researcher, migration specialist, answers Fanny Bleichner's questions. .

The Canary Islands, a new “prison” for migrants from Europe

In one week since October 17, more than 2,600 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa and sub-Saharan Africa have arrived in the Spanish Canary Islands, corresponding to the whole of 2019. The authorities seem overwhelmed. The health situation due to Covid prevents any repatriation to their countries of origin or transfer to the European continent. After sometimes a thousand kilometers and one to fifteen days of dangerous sea crossing, between 300 and 400 immigrants reach the coast of the Canary Islands every day, the island to…

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