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Former President Boni Yayi calls for national dialogue

We are in Benin, we are not for violence, that is why I want to thank you for your patience, thank you also to the Minister of the Interior, to the President of the Republic to all those who contributed to the creation of this request granted to us by the laws of the Republic. Everything is good and starts well too. Thomas Boni Yayi, former head of state of Benin Jean-Luc Aplogan .

President Patrice Talon takes a first step towards his predecessor Boni Yayi

In Benin, a highlight of the Benin president's national tour began on November 12 and is scheduled for one month. Patrice Talon said he wanted to be reconciled with his predecessor, Boni Yayi, who had become his fierce opponent. A statement in the northern part of the country, the fortress of the former head of state, during the first stage of this tour ended on Tuesday.…

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