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blood donations are pouring in to help the wounded

Following the national day of mourning, which was determined on Thursday by President Macky Sall, the protest movement is organizing its own day of mourning this Friday, March 12th. Recent protests have left 10 dead, government sources, 11 according to protesters. The Red Cross, for its part, imposed a partial toll on at least 590 wounded. In this context, many young people volunteer to donate blood.…

“In Praise for Blood”, controversial work on the role of the RPF during the genocide

In Praise of the Blood of Canadian Judi Rever is a book that examines the crimes committed by the Rwandan patriotic army led by Paul Kagame, a rebel who has become the national army of Rwanda. Published since mid-September by the Max Milo editions, organizations such as Ibuka, the Survivors' Associations, or SOS Racism described the work as a negationist in a column published in the newspaper Liberation. As it passed through France to promote its work, the Canadian journalist, like her French publisher, insisted on the…

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