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Northeastern State’s Top Cop Charges Security Force with Repeated Officer Assaults

Bosaso (AX) - Major General Muumin Abdi Shire, the top dog of Northeastern State Police, cried foul against the Northeastern State Security Force (PSF), pointing fingers and alleging relentless harassment of his officers. He particularly blamed the PSF for an assault on Bosaso’s central clink, which left two cops injured, adding that PSF operatives snatched two officers accused of stirring trouble in Bosaso midweek. "We apologize to the public for the frequent grave crimes. Our gripe is with the president of Northeastern…

Mohamed Nur, the Infamous Brixton Slasher, Receives Life Sentence for Brutal Murders and Random Assaults

London (AX) - A dangerous man committed random slasher attacks in Brixton, south London, and received a life sentence. Mohamed Nur, 34, got life with a minimum of 32 years for killing Johanita Kossiwa Dogbey, 31, and slashing three others. On May 1, 2023, Nur attacked Ms. Dogbey, stabbing her thrice in the neck while talking to her grandmother. She begged him to stop before succumbing to her injuries. Court records show he had previously attacked Rebecca Wilkes, Tomasz Kmiecik, and Katie Matthews in quick succession. Judge…

Baidoa Under Siege: Homes Targeted in Brutal Hand Grenade Assaults in Southwest Somalia

Gunmen lobbed grenades at two homes in Baidoa, the temporary administrative hub of Southwest state, on Sunday night. One grenade was aimed at Kurow Amhar's house, a member of the regional Darwish army. Another explosion targeted the residence of the former Minister of Information in the Southwest administration, Ilyas Ali Noor, who now heads the Tubsan Agency. No one has taken credit for the attacks, and security forces have not released any details, with no reported injuries.

Escaping Danger: Sudanese Refugees Seek Safety Outside UN Camp in Ethiopia After Brutal Assaults

Over 1,000 Sudanese refugees escaped a United Nations camp in northern Ethiopia due to violence, per refugees and UN sources. Around 7,000 of the 8,000 camp residents fled on foot after being attacked and robbed by local militias. Detained by police after leaving Kumer camp, located 70 km from the Sudanese border in Ethiopia's Amhara region, the refugees remain anonymous for safety. UNHCR confirmed that 1,000 people felt unsafe at Kumer and left due to security incidents on Wednesday. Ethiopian government officials,…

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