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Algerian war

“Hi Grandpa, how was Algeria?”

On March 19, 1962, the Evian Treaty put an end to the war in Algeria, leaving many wounds open. 60 years after this war that has never really said its name: "war of liberation", "civil war", "events" ... how to free the word and calm these wounded memories? A group of young people, who are said to be of the 3rd generation, contributed to it. "Tell Grandpa, how was Algeria", a good report by Éric Chaurin. Directed by: Olivier Roux. (Repeat)

In search of the missing from the Algerian war

Sixty years ago, the Evian Agreement was signed by representatives of the French Government and those of GPRA, the Provisional Government of the Algerian Republic. The next day, the ceasefire was established, eight years after the start of the war, and the…

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