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The lower house is re-emerging in Somalia as the claim for extension of the concept fills the air

MOGADISHU, Somalia | Somalia's lower house is coming together again today in the midst of an ongoing stalemate with the national election debate as one of the topics in the order paper, as the international community continues to put pressure on the country's leadership. For the fifth time, the international community called on all stakeholders to find an urgent solution to the current stalemate, arguing that it would be appropriate for political leadership to find a solution for the sake of stability and peace in the…

researchers warn of soil and air pollution

Madagascar has one of the lowest environmental indices on the planet. One in five deaths on the island is caused by environmental degradation and its effects on health. Various researchers have sounded the alarm during a conference day on this topic. From our correspondent in Antananarivo,In 2016, a study was initiated on the…

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