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In search of the missing from the Algerian war

Sixty years ago, the Evian Agreement was signed by representatives of the French Government and those of GPRA, the Provisional Government of the Algerian Republic. The next day, the ceasefire was established, eight years after the start of the war, and the…

Chad: With climate change, nomads

Many nomadic shepherds, victims of climate change, settle in Chad. Less grazing, repeated droughts and deadly societal conflicts. Many have lost their camel herds or cattle. They are trying to convert and settle on the outskirts of the Chadian capital. They agreed to talk about their lifestyle change.

Mali: school on the radio for children outside the school of

The Ségou region, in southern Mali, hosts many displaced families. For its children, Unicef ​​distributed 3,000 solar-powered radios in four regions of the country to provide educational programs to more than 18,000 students, to prevent school dropouts. From our correspondent in Bamako,Eight young girls gathered around Aïssata.…

Tunisia: the military vaccinates in distant areas

In Tunisia, following the arrival of a number of million new doses of vaccines, troopers are supporting the vaccination marketing campaign in distant areas the place residents can't journey to vaccination facilities. RFI adopted them to the Kesra area. In Kesra, in northwestern Tunisia, the troopers on the farm name a pharmacy, identify after identify, the inhabitants who should obtain their second dose. Many are outdated. The nearest vaccination heart is an hour's drive away, too lengthy, as defined by medical colonel…

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