the last government of Blaise Compaoré soon to meet

The prosecutor for the High Court of Justice announces that the case is ready for sentencing after four years of suspension.

as reported from Ouagadougou, Yaya Boudani

Prosecuted for their alleged involvement in the repression of protesters against the amendment of Article 37 of the Constitution, the 34 members of the former president of Blaise Compaoré’s previous government are expected to appear before the High Court of Justice very soon. She is waiting longer than the National Assembly to set the opening date for this second trial, where former President Blaise Compaoré’s name will return. This trial was opened and then postponed since May 2017 for procedural reasons.

Dama Ouali, Minister of Justice of the High Court of Justice, and his team are just waiting for the green light from the National Assembly to resume this trial.

For Zéphirin Diabré, the Prime Minister with responsibility for national reconciliation, it is important that this act is dealt with quickly by justice so that the responsibility lies. Because in a few days, Burkinabè should be set on the dates of the next forum on national reconciliation, said Minister Diabré.

Justice accuses the 35 defendants of their involvement in the bloody repression of the October 2014 uprising. for them to shoot live ammunition at protesters’.


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