More than 280,000 people affected

According to the report released on Thursday, 16 people were killed in rains from March to May this year. More than 26,000 homes and 260 schools have been destroyed, along with health centers, in Tanganyika province, said OCHA, the UN’s humanitarian coordination office.

With our special correspondent in Kalemie, Denise maheho

So far, most of the victims have found refuge with the host families, others have moved but under uncertain conditions.

Madame Faida Kalimurima lived in the Kalumbi district on the banks of the river Lukuga. His house is completely flooded. The water level has exceeded three meters in height. She and her family found refuge in the Trico district, about 5 km from the center of Kalemie, in an unfinished house without water or electricity.

“I used to sell used clothes in the market. I can no longer go there, it is far away and I can not afford daily transport. Here I lost my capital. My husband is a mechanic, he has no more customers. Our lives have really changed. ”

Long-term relocation of neighborhoods

Later, on the airport road, the Musalala Hotel, which was built on Lake Tanganyika, was also affected. The damage is significant, explains manager Ghislain Musa. “We have lost 30 meters of beach. The trees that were here have fallen. There were also huts next to the lake, they fell, the rooms too. ”

The effects of floods go beyond the issue of lost homes. Schools and health centers were also destroyed. Faced with this situation, Tanganyika’s provincial government is proposing to move the neighborhood in the long term. Natasha Mulange, Provincial Minister for Humanitarian Affairs.

“These identified sites must be equipped with basic infrastructure. We can not move people and place them in places where there is no water, electricity, health center or school. ”

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs has provided the victims with protection and food aid. Support that the latter qualify as largely inadequate.


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