the physique of a needed policewoman who was discovered at

It is a national hunt that has kept the country in suspense that has just ended. The 34-year-old is suspected of having shot two men to death earlier this month: one of her police officers and a businessman with whom she had an affair.

as reported from Nairobi, Albane Thirouard

Caroline Kangogo’s body, wanted the policewoman since July 5th, was found early Friday morning at her parents’ home. She had been on the run for ten days. A team of special police and army units had been mobilized to find her. But without success.

Speculation about his movements has increased in recent days. Caroline Kangogo would finally have gone on the night of Thursday to Friday at her parents’ home, in western Kenya, where she would have lost her life. After eleven days of persecution, it was his mother who found her body there on Friday morning, around 8 o’clock, with a shot to the head and his gun next to it.

The trail of suicide is currently highlighted by investigators. However, investigations have not yet taken place to confirm the circumstances of the death. His parents say they did not see him coming or even heard shots. It must be said that the young woman was in a toilet in the garden, 50 m from the house.

Behind her, Caroline Kangogo leaves many questions. But the beginning of an explanation seems to have appeared according to the national media. Messages recorded as drafts were found on his phone by investigators. Caroline Kangogo reportedly wrote that she felt depressed and had been sexually harassed by the police. Above all, she would explain that she had been cheated for more than 10,000 euros by the killed businessman Peter Ndwiga.


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