50 Worst Summer time Meals for Your Stomach

Summer time is rapidly approaching, which suggests it is time to fireside up the grill, go for a dip within the pool, go to the closest seashore, and work up a sweat outdoors of the health club. As you begin to spend extra time outdoor soaking in that pure vitamin D, you possible need to be sure that you are feeling and looking your greatest. Particularly for those who’re been tremendous targeted on reaching any weight-loss targets you set for your self.

Retaining that seashore bod you have labored exhausting for in tip-top form is not essentially the simplest, although, once you’re continually being surrounded by meals that make you are feeling bloated, contribute to stomach fats, and disrupt your intestine microbiome.

However there’s something you’ll be able to do about it: Keep away from the summer season meals you already know are dangerous to your stomach and total weight reduction targets.

You will find the common inflammatory, bloat-inducing, digestion-disrupting suspects on this checklist which are full of grease, sodium, and sugar. Others are nothing greater than empty energy that can trigger you to eat extra since they are not satisfying. There are additionally some stunning “wholesome” meals that may result in instantaneous bloating, making you uncomfortable instantly after consuming. That is not precisely a welcome feeling once you’re lounging round all day in a swimsuit making an attempt to work in your tan.

With out additional ado, listed below are 50 of the worst summer season meals. (And why not top off on The 7 Healthiest Meals to Eat Proper Now whilst you’re at it?)


Once you’re laying out on the seashore all day and you are taking a stroll on the boardwalk, you is likely to be tempted to seize a fast slice of tacky and sauce-filled goodness, however pizza isn’t a meals that can preserve your stomach flat within the summer season. The grease is sure to depart you feeling bloated, and that is not counting all of the sodium in pepperoni or one other meat-topped slices.

Potato Salad

potato salad

Throughout the summer season months, it is exhausting to not end up at a BBQ or picnic the place potato salad is served up, however even solely a couple of spoonfuls of this aspect dish are drowning in mayonnaise. Mayo is a condiment made with vegetable oils—both corn, palm, safflower, soy, sunflower oil—that are all excessive in inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids. Consuming too lots of these inflammatory meals can offset the stability of excellent micro organism in your stomach, resulting in numerous well being issues from weight acquire to pores and skin issues.

Funnel Desserts

funnel cake with powdered sugar on paper

One other summer season staple? Funnel desserts, that are deep-fried and lined with powdered sugar. Whereas sure, scrumptious, they don’t seem to be doing all of your stomach any favors for those who down one among these whilst you’re in a swimsuit. Fried meals take longer to digest, so that is one meal that can be sitting in your abdomen for fairly a while.


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Cobblers are 100% a summer season dessert, however earlier than you go digging into that blueberry or peach cobbler, it is advisable to gradual down. See, chowing down on this candy deal with means you are simply ingesting tons of sugar, plus it’s always paired with ice cream. As many individuals undergo from lactose intolerance, dairy is one other meals group that it is best to typically keep away from once you’re making an attempt to preserve your stomach flat on the seashore.


bowl of chili

OK, we get it: You are not breaking out a heat bowl of chili on a sizzling day. However the one-two combo of chili and cheese normally finds its manner onto boardwalk staples, reminiscent of sizzling canine and French fries. This meat-and-cheese mixture is one thing to keep away from. Most definitely, the meat and cheese you will be served are each processed and full of preservatives, which all contribute stomach fats—not aiding in maintaining you flat.

Lobster Rolls

lobster roll

Seafood will get its time to shine within the summer season, and a lobster roll feels decadent. Once more, you are getting all that fish slathered in mayo. Together with the thick bun and aspect of butter, your abdomen goes to feel and appear overly full.


assorted kinds of cereal

Now, we’re not saying each cereal is a no-go, however most of the favorites out of your childhood which are straightforward, on-the-go meals you’ll be able to seize in your manner out for a day within the solar are additionally a number of the unhealthiest cereals as a result of they’re loaded with sugar. Inflammatory sugar could cause spikes and crashes in blood sugar, inflicting you to hunt down extra meals quickly after consuming, which might depart your stomach distended for hours.


cheesy nachos with lime

Nachos are a fast meal you’ll be able to simply munch on in-between going for a swim, however “nacho cheese” is not an actual cheese. Pairing this processed sauce with chips creates a sodium bomb that can depart you bloated.

Hen Nuggets

chicken nuggets

Hen nuggets and tenders are at all times offered in shut proximity to a seashore or pool, because of boardwalks and concession stands, however that does not imply it is best to chow down on them in case your aim is to preserve your stomach flat. They’re fried and full of fat and carbs that will not have you ever feeling gentle and refreshed on a sizzling day.


chocolate caramel bars

There isn’t any denying that darkish chocolate does have a lot of well being advantages, however with regards to maintaining your tummy flat, it is advisable to skip out on consuming a bar since chocolate has been linked to constipation. A examine printed within the European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology requested a bunch of individuals coping with constipation what meals they thought have been responsible for his or her abdomen points, and chocolate got here out on prime.


three milkshakes

Dairy would not trigger everybody to bloat, however for those who occur to have a lactose sensitivity, consuming a milkshake on a summer season day will trigger your waistline to broaden. And even for individuals who can simply digest dairy, milkshakes are loaded with ice cream, chocolate, whipped cream, and different toppings that pile on the sugar and energy—so you are not within the clear! Plus, a examine discovered that consuming milkshakes negatively impacted blood vessels, with individuals unable to course of blood by way of their pink blood cells as simply. So, on prime of ruining your seashore physique, milkshakes may mess together with your blood circulation, too. No thanks!

Chewing Gum

chewing gum

Gum appears innocent, however as you are chewing gum, you are swallowing extra air, which—you guessed it!—results in bloating. Goodbye, flat tummy.


frying fried eggs nonstick pan oil

In the event you eat some eggs earlier than you intend on rocking a washing go well with, there is a likelihood your stomach gained’t be as flat as you hope. Eggs are a meals that may depart you constipated, and when your abdomen is unsettled, you will be filled with fuel.

Unripe Bananas

unripe green bananas

You are going to need to look ahead to this fruit to get yellow earlier than you eat some whilst you’re engaged on your tan. Inexperienced, unripe bananas are excessive in tannins, which make you constipated, as effectively as excessive in FODMAPs, undigestible carbohydrates that may depart you bloated.



This morning candy deal with can have your stomach something however flat. They’re fried, so not solely are they including inches to your waistline, and it is no secret they’re loaded with sugar, which is inflammatory. Skip beginning your seashore day with one among these!


cherry tomatoes

Tomatoes are slightly refreshing and pair effectively with many summer season favorites, however they trigger the physique to provide gastric acid, which might trigger acid reflux disorder. Once more, your abdomen is not going to be flat when it is underneath misery.

Vitality Drinks

red bull energy drink

Being out within the solar can drain you, however do not take into consideration turning to an power drink for a pick-me-up if you need to preserve your abdomen flat and keep correctly hydrated. Sipping on one among these caffeinated drinks will dehydrate you, and once you’re dehydrated, this will result in constipation, which is able to depart your abdomen full and unable to digest correctly. Plus, once you’re dehydrated, your physique tends to carry on to each drop of water weight that it might, which makes you look puffier than you truly are.


chocolate chip cookies

Grabbing a fast, candy snack like a cookie is a no-go to your stomach. Cookies are merely full of sugar and unhealthy fat, and processed meals will add inches to your waistline.



With regards to digestion, apples are fruit extremely fibrous, so your abdomen would possibly simply replenish and get puffy.

Quick meals

fast food burgers

Quick meals is just exhausting to digest because it’s excessive in grease and fats. And it’s always excessive in unhealthy fat like saturated and even trans fat, that are inflammatory. If you need to showcase your abs on the seashore, skip making a pit cease on the drive-thru.

Cruciferous Veggies

cruciferous greens

Take into consideration how you are feeling after consuming broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, or kale. If the primary phrase that involves thoughts is “bloated,” then you definately’re like most of us. “People do not possess the enzyme to collapse raffinose, a advanced sugar generally present in cruciferous greens,” medical nutritionist Jennifer Cassetta, CN, MS says. “So when these greens get to the decrease gut, they’re fermented by micro organism and produce methane, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen, which ends up in fuel.”

Salty Snacks

ridge potato chips in bag

Suppose twice earlier than you stuff that massive bag of chips into your seashore bag. A Harvard examine discovered that every day chip consumption was answerable for including a mean of three.3 kilos to the examine individuals’ body each 4 years. Once you’re heading to the seashore, the last item you need to do is eat meals which are including extra flab, particularly since not having the ability to cease after one potato chip could be very actual.


iced coffee

We’re massive followers of espresso on the reg (hey, it is a low-cal pick-me-up that may even assist curb a distracting urge for food!), however it’s higher off to skip your cup o’ joe earlier than the seashore. In keeping with a examine within the journal Intestine, “Espresso has been proven to advertise the discharge of gastrin, which might improve colonic spike and motor exercise.” That principally means the java will end result in you having to hit the toilet manner extra usually, and all of us understand how exhausting it’s to seek out a clear public lavatory on the seashore.

Candy Tea

sweet tea

Similar to espresso, tea acts as a diuretic, which is able to make your physique expel salt and water, leading to dehydration. Dehydration + solar’s rays = positively not combine! In the event you simply cannot go with out your caffeine repair, be sure that to drink plenty of water together with it.

Uncooked Spinach

raw spinach

Spinach is a splendidly nutritious addition to your go-to summer season salad, however not for those who’re planning to hit the seashore together with your buds. This uncooked leafy inexperienced packs in a stable dose of soluble fiber and oligosaccharides, each of which might result in critical bloat. Alternatively, mix a handful of spinach into your a.m. smoothie or sauté it with some garlic and olive oil—each preparations will assist break down these bloat-inducing fibers.

Path Combine

trail mix in white bowl

It is candy, salty, and moveable, which makes this snack a fantastic craving buster; however your typical dried fruit and nut path combine is definitely full of bloat-inducing sugar and salt. Researchers on the College of Kansas found that about 50% of individuals report experiencing fuel from fructose, the naturally occurring sugar present in fruits. As a substitute, make your personal combine by being skimpy on the dehydrated fruit and selecting unsalted nuts for an unadulterated punch of protein and fiber.

Glowing Drinks

club soda sparkling water

It could actually be very tempting to swap common outdated H2O for soda and even glowing water, however that is positively not your greatest wager. Whereas the carbonation makes your drink slightly extra thrilling, it will trigger you to bloat like a pufferfish. Make sure that to replenish on plain water as a substitute, particularly as a result of the extra hydrated you might be, the much less fluid you will retain (aka, you will not bloat!).

Blended Drinks

frozen mixed drinks on a glass table

Floating your manner towards the swim-up bar looks as if thought once you’re on trip, however you are higher off skipping the umbrella-clad alcoholic treats. Alcohol causes you to retain water, plus many blended drinks like frozen margaritas and piña coladas are calorie and sugar bombs, so that they’re clearly a no-go with regards to stomach fats.

Ice Cream

ice cream

Coming from somebody who’s responsible of chasing down the ice cream truck, it is secure to say that this creamy deal with is normally not well worth the cals. Plus, the lactose in dairy ice cream could cause bloating, fuel, and an total uncomfortable abdomen state of affairs—even for those who aren’t lactose illiberal.

Charred Meats and Fish

flamed burger patties on grill

Charring your animal protein at tremendous excessive temperatures has been linked to presumably being carcinogenic since this cooking course of creates chemical substances referred to as heterocyclic amines. Is a scorched burger actually price that danger? We positively do not suppose so. Make sure that your dinner avoids a excessive open flame or simply grill your veggies, which gained’t develop these toxins. In the event you actually cannot forgo burgers on the barbie, choose for lean cuts of meat that will not excrete fats and trigger flame flare-ups or go for skinny cuts of meat to shorten cooking time. One other factor to be aware: Marinating your meats in beer hours earlier than grilling decreased the carcinogenic compounds by as a lot as 68%, in line with a examine within the Journal of Agricultural and Meals Chemistry. Purple wine works, too!

Scorching Canines

hot dog with ketchup and mustard

Scorching canine land on our checklist of worst summer season meals as a result of they’re filled with bloat-inducing sodium and nitrates that hyperlink these canine to colorectal most cancers. Discover what’s actually in your sizzling canine earlier than you chow down on one.

Deli Meats

deli meats on wood plate

Overlook sticking the deli meat sandwiches into your seashore cooler. “Excessive sodium meals like deli meats, bacon, and cheeses trigger water retention,” Kristen Carlucci Haase, RD says. “And that bloating and additional water weight could make cellulite extra seen.”

Corn on the Cob

corn on the cobb

“Not every kind of carbs are straightforward to digest,” registered dietitian Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CDN says. “And corn incorporates a sort of carbohydrate that’s tough for the physique to collapse. This may result in GI micro organism fermentation and trapped air and fuel, which causes bloating.” Seaside day and bloated stomach are two issues that ought to by no means be in the identical sentence.


soft salted pretzel

Whether or not you are choosing an enormous delicate pretzel on the county honest or a handful of crunchy minis, both decide is not preferrred. Whereas pretzels usually appear to be a more sensible choice than oily potato chips, they’re normally not! These twisted treats are made up of sodium and carbs—two components that will not assist your abs peek out anytime quickly.

Dried Fruit

clear bowl of dried cranberries

As a result of dried fruits, like Craisins, have been stripped of their hydrating and filling water, they’ve manner extra sugar per ounce than their recent and even frozen counterparts. To preserve your tummy tight, seize your cooler and pack within the non-dehydrated selection for a refreshing afternoon snack. If you need to get particular, we’re speaking about these hydrating meals.

White Wine

glasses of white wine

Skip the Pinot Grigio this summer season as a result of research present that sure alcohols, reminiscent of white wines, improve your possibilities of getting Melanoma! Why’s that? White wine eliminates nutritional vitamins and antioxidants that assist your physique fend off the solar’s cancer-causing rays. And for those who drink seven or extra glasses per week, your possibilities of turning into the solar’s sufferer improve. Keep on with antioxidant-rich pink wine as a substitute.

BBQ Sauce

barbecue sauce

Earlier than you gentle up the grill, keep on with seasoning your meats with a spice rub slightly than sugar-filled BBQ sauce. For reference: A small, two-tablespoon serving of Candy Child Ray’s incorporates a whopping 16 grams of sugar! If you should slather your wings within the tangy stuff, be sure that your BBQ sauce would not include excessive fructose corn syrup, an additive confirmed to widen your waistline.

White Bread

white bread

In the event you like heading to the seashore within the summer season, you already know that PB&J is a shore staple. That being stated, select your loaf properly. Loaves like Marvel Bread and nation white varieties are only slices of empty carbs which are sweetened with excessive fructose corn syrup and devoid of fiber. Ezekiel bread, however, is a scrumptious fiber- and protein-packed different that may even preserve you fuller for for much longer.

Corn Canines

corn dogs and french fries on a white plate

The traditional state honest deal with. Clearly what’s behind the batter is fairly dangerous, however corn canine make our checklist particularly because of their deep-fried element: “After we deep fry meals, we expose the oil and fats to extraordinarily excessive temperatures. When this occurs, free radicals, the first perpetrator in growing old, are shaped,” says Lisa Hayim, MS, RD, and founding father of The WellNecessities. “These meals not solely trigger harm to our waistlines however to our organs and insides, as effectively.”


glass cups of beer

Except you are selecting a lightweight beer, go on this tremendous carbonated and caloric beverage. It is going to depart you bloated, and it would additionally load you up with empty energy and dehydrate you, making you extra apt to undergo from heatstroke. In the event you do need to seize one or two chilly ones, throw again any of those 15 Finest Mild Beers In America slightly than compromising within the title of weight reduction.

Pork Sausage

pork sausage on grill

Throwing some sausage on the grill? You might need to suppose twice. We already know that processed meats are filled with probably carcinogen-forming sodium nitrites, and pork sausage is certainly not an exception. You will need to decide on uncured cuts of meat (you’ll be able to even stick to pork, for those who’d like!) to avoid these toxin-forming nitrites.

Pasta Salad

pasta salad

What’s a summer season cookout with out a scrumptious pasta salad? Whereas this aspect dish is crucial for some, it is higher to swap common outdated noodles for some which are protein- and fiber-packed like Trendy Desk Lentil Penne or Banza pasta, which is constituted of chickpeas. Each choices are so yummy that nobody will find a way to inform the distinction!

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In the event you took one have a look at their ingredient checklist, it’s possible you’ll suppose twice about choosing up a package deal of Popsicles to your pool social gathering. Popsicle model ices have excessive fructose corn syrup and synthetic dyes excessive up on the ingredient checklist, which suggests that these treats aren’t flat belly-friendly. Equally refreshing options Outshine Fruit and Veggie Bars preserve you feeling and looking your greatest. These pure ices are solely 35 energy a pop and are made with juices and purées from apples, beets, carrots, cranberries, pumpkins, rhubarb, and strawberries. Yum!

Processed Cheese

grilled cheese

They might be a staple at any summer season barbeque, however sandwich toppers like Kraft American Singles aren’t actual cheese (shocker!), so skip including them to your burgers pronto. These pretend merchandise are federally mandated to be labeled as “processed cheese” or a “cheese product” as a result of of their manufacturing course of. They start with a mere 51% actual cheese; throw in some synthetic fillers, flavors, colours, preservatives, emulsifiers, acidifiers; warmth all of it up; then bundle it into these nostalgic packages. In case your cheese craving wants an antidote, choose for 100% actual cheese, and cut back your portion to an oz.

French Fries

french fries

This one’s a given: Starchy potatoes fried in fat-forming oil and doused salt are only an all-around dangerous thought for those who’re seeking to uncover your abs . . . not to mention reside lengthy. Whereas burger is normally incomplete with out a aspect of crispy potato strings, you are higher off fulfilling your fry repair by whipping up a batch of grilled or baked veggies topped with basil oil.

Watermelon Seeds


Whereas watermelon seeds are a wonderful supply of protein and wholesome fat, swallowing the kernels entire can block your bowels, resulting in pointless ache and discomfort.


greasy bacon frying in oil in a pan

Throughout the summer season, we all know all of us have manner extra time to prepare dinner up some bacon within the mornings. This common breakfast meat will get a dangerous rap because of its excessive fats and sodium content material, as effectively as its dangerous components—all dangerous information elements to your weight reduction targets and total well being.

Weight-reduction plan Drinks


In keeping with research, consuming synthetic sweeteners can desensitize your style buds, in flip growing your sugar tolerance. Even worse, this results in weight acquire. Simply as a result of that weight-reduction plan Snapple is luring you in with its tremendous low-calorie rely, skip it. You are higher off hydrating with naturally sweetened detox waters or selecting a evenly sweetened iced tea.

Granola Bars

granola bars

Give it some thought: Most granola bars—if not do-it-yourself—are full of carbs, sugar, and vegetable oils. They’re principally simply one other fast-food possibility. Whereas they’re seemingly a wholesome grab-and-go snack, these glorified sweet bars normally gained’t fulfill your starvation or allow you to lastly match into that pair of thin denims. Plus, as a result of they’re excessive in carbs, they’re going to depart you looking out by way of your seashore bag for one more snack quickly after ending it.

Fruit Juices

bottled juices

Processed fruit juices are sugar bombs masquerading underneath a deceiving well being halo. A lot of the bottled imposters barely include pure fruit juice and are loaded with tons of the saccharine carb. Not to say, sugar really decreases your physique’s potential to provide collagen, the compound answerable for maintaining your pores and skin taut and cellulite-free in a swimsuit.

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