“The power in my hands”, 16 female artists

“The power of my hands” brings together 16 artists, only women and only from Portuguese-speaking or English-speaking countries, which are almost never shown in France. An original exhibition in more ways than one at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.

Painting, embroidery, photography or ceramics, neither evoke everyday life or the woman’s history, intimate or more political issues. Odile Burluraux is one of the exhibitors’ curators.

“One of the goals of the exhibition is also to bring out what has been hidden, invisible or silenced. Whether it’s bodies, stories, all this is presented to us and at the same time with a lot of vibrations and joy. ”

A vibration, a joy that we find in Angolan Ana Silva. She prints her work on jute bags … Bags where there are lots of clothes that Europe gets rid of …

Female artists on the continent take over their own representation

“The idea is that it should normally be thrown in the trash, torn off, tangled … I collect this, wash it and bring it back here with a different vision.” So that we can see this type of totally neglected object in a different way, from a different angle. ”

With The Power of My Hands, female artists from the continent take their own representation. This is not the slightest advantage of this exhibition and the Africa 2020 season.

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