New visitor rules are criticized by SKR

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Tomorrow, the National Board of Health and Welfare is expected to present the rules that will be in place when the restraining order on nursing homes is lifted on Wednesday. But the regulations are criticized by important consultative bodies, such as Sweden’s municipalities and regions, for implying unnecessary repetitions. Greger Bengtsson is the coordinator for elderly care at SKR.

For example, there are already rules that say that you must do risk analyzes and risk assessments, according to Greger Bengtsson, and now this is repeated in a new form and it becomes another rule to keep track of for staff. Instead, other clearer advice is needed on how the staff should be able to act when visitors come to the special accommodation again, to give it support, according to Greger Bengtsson.

Other consultative bodies such as the Swedish Health and Care Inspectorate also question the National Board of Health and Welfare’s proposal for regulations and point out that additional layers of rules are added to existing rules and that there is a risk of rule fatigue, reports TT.SKR also calls for other tools for municipalities. increase again locally and that requires proposals from the government. Greger Bengtsson.

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