Terzic Reflects on Bittersweet Emotions Following Dortmund’s Champions League Loss

Borussia Dortmund regrets not seizing opportunities in their 2-0 defeat to Real Madrid in the Champions League final. Edin Terzic expressed feeling both proud and hollow following the loss. Dortmund outperformed Madrid in the first half but lacked a ruthless edge to capitalize on chances. Late goals from Carvajal and Vinicius Junior secured Real Madrid’s 15th European crown, leaving Dortmund heartbroken. Despite the disappointing outcome, Terzic managed to highlight positives from the game. He emphasized the importance of consistency and maximizing the team’s potential. The loss showcased the depth and hunger of Real Madrid as champions. Terzic commended former player Jude Bellingham for his role in the final and congratulated him on the win. He praised Bellingham’s dedication and passed on well-wishes to the young player for his success.

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