Real Madrid transfer news: Alaba’s contract details revealed

David Alaba’s contract with Real Madrid has been leaked and reveals that the Austrian will take home as much as 376,000 pounds per week for the next five years.

The Austrian chose to let his contract with Bayern Munich expire this summer and ended his 13-year association with the German giants in favor of signing a five-year contract at the Santiago Bernabeu.

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As one of the best players in the world, Alaba always had a high salary from whichever team took him, and according to the latest leaks from Der Spiegel, he has convinced Real to share as much as 115 million euros (£ 98 million)) during the contract, which runs to a cool £ 376,000 per week … before bonuses.

Real offered these salaries while club president Florentino Perez cried to the media about the need for a Super League to save elite clubs from financial ruin. It’s obviously all football’s fault and nothing to do with ruthless spending.

The fun continues when you see how much Real paid out in costs. Alaba was awarded a sign-up bonus of € 17.7 million (just £ 15 million) just to be kind enough to join the club, while his family received € 6.3 million (£ 5.4 million) and agent Pini Zahavi received a cool € 5.2 million (£ 4.4m).

For what it’s worth, Christian Falk revealed that Zahavi was looking for that kind of money from Bayern for Alaba to renew his contract, but they wisely chose to walk away from the table. Alaba is obviously good, but there is a limit.

There is a limit to everyone except Real.

Public has insisted that there is no money to spend on transfers this summer, which is why they are tasked with downloading players.

Real also hope to sign Kylian Mbappe / Marcio Machado / Getty Images

After Sergio Ramos left for free, Raphael Varane has agreed to join Manchester United and there are hopes to differentiate himself from countless other players in an attempt to raise enough money to sign PSG’s Kylian Mbappe.

Should Mbappe join, he will probably get even higher salaries than Alaba – so just remember that the next time you see Perez crying into a microphone.

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