Opens £ 75 million Grealish bid expected

Manchester City are expected to make an opening bid for Jack Grealish worth £ 75 million, but Aston Villa are holding out for a bigger fee that would make the 25-year-old the most expensive player in British football history.

Although he missed part of the season through injury, Grealish was hailed as one of the stars of the Premier League 2020/21 and he played in five of England’s matches at Euro 2020.

Speculation from June that claimed that an agreement with Grealish was made effectively and would be announced after Euro 2020 turned out to be too early. But the Daily Mail reports that an offer from City is now coming and is expected to start with £ 75 million plus surcharges.

They hope that figure will test Villa’s determination, but the West Midlands club apparently have no intention of selling Grealish unless their £ 100m higher price is met. That would make Grealish the most expensive player ever signed by a British club, surpassing the current £ 89 million Manchester United paid for Paul Pogba in 2016.

Villa want £ 100m UK fee for Grealish / Malcolm Couzens / Getty Images

Villa would prefer to keep Grealish and are tipped to offer him a new and improved contract worth £ 150,000 a week to try to convince him to stay. He only signed his current deal in September last year – after being linked with Tottenham during the summer – but has risen to a new level since then.

Grealish has been on holiday since Euro 2020 and is expected to report for pre-season service with Villa next week. The Daily Mirror writes that he will sit down for talks with club officials when he does so and is expected to make a decision about his future one or the other before the season begins – whether it agrees to a new contract or asks Villa to sell him to City.

There are rumors that he has already largely agreed on personal terms with City, but any transfers still depend on whether the clubs can agree on the fee. If there is no indication that is possible, Grealish may choose to sign a new contract instead.

After winning three Premier League titles in the last four seasons, City want to start building again for the next chapter. But they have not yet made any first-team signings so far this summer and have also been strongly linked with Tottenham striker Harry Kane.

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