Manchester City drop the appeal to stop FFP details

Manchester City have lost their appeal to stop details of the Premier League’s Financial Fair Play investigation against them being released.

The governing body of English football launched a case to investigate allegations of financial irregularities published in Der Spiegel, which resulted in UEFA banning the Premier League kit from European football for two seasons.

When it comes to times / Alex Livesey – Danehouse / Getty Images

Man City appealed the decision and the case was then dropped last year, with the English champions receiving a reduced fine of 10 million euros for lack of cooperation throughout the investigation.

Although UEFA lost its investigation, the Premier League has continued to conduct its own, which they began in December 2018. However, Man City responded by not agreeing with the competence of the commission responsible for the matter and arguing for lack of impartiality.

Consequently, the league changed its rules on disciplinary hearings in February 2020, and four months later they rejected Citizens’ demands for commission and impartiality. The club then turned to the Commercial Court for support, but they rejected the appeal in March 2021.

The Commercial Court’s decision meant that Man City would have to face the league’s own arbitration court, while the referee also rejected the club’s request to keep the investigation results private.

The conflict eventually went to the Court of Appeal, where the decision to publish the survey results was upheld. Man City released a statement in the case, insisting that they “respect the decision of the Court of Appeal.”

“We respect the decision of the Court of Appeal regarding the arbitration proceedings”, the statement was added.

“This decision concerns ongoing negotiations and we are clearly not in a position to comment until these procedures are complete.”

Lord Justice Male was in favor of publishing the information and criticized the club for their lack of cooperation and the subsequent slow investigation, as mentioned by the Daily Mail.

Man City have been named champions twice since the investigation began / Michael Regan / Getty Images

“The club has been anxious to emphasize to us that ‘the arbitration proceedings concern an ongoing and confidential investigation and discipline process which is still at an early stage’, and that no charges may be brought against it.

“While that may be true, it does seem to be a factor in publishing.

“This is an investigation launched in December 2018. It is surprising, and a matter of legitimate public concern, that so little progress has been made after two and a half years – during which it can be noted that the club has twice been crowned as Premier League champions. “

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