Liverpool Chairman Werner Champions the Initiative to Expand Premier League Matches Internationally

FIFA is keen on probing the prospect of hosting domestic league matches overseas, stirring desires in Tom Werner to shuttle Liverpool across the pond to the U.S.

Tom Werner, the chairman of Liverpool, isn’t shy about his wish to stage Premier League clashes in the United States and beyond.

The proposal to shift league games abroad has stirred considerable dialogue, especially post-FIFA’s commitment to scrutinize its feasibility.

Premier League chief Richard Masters indicated recently that international matches might be viable following a court agreement with U.S.-based Relevant Sports on promoting these games.

Such matches overseas might provoke resistance, particularly from Premier League enthusiasts. Indeed, English fan protests helped quash the 2021 European Super League, an initiative Liverpool initially supported.

Despite possible backlash, Werner is toying with the notion of Liverpool playing globally. “I visualize a Premier League match in New York City,” Werner revealed to the Financial Times.

His dreams even extend to hosting matches consecutively across global cities like Tokyo, Los Angeles, Rio, and Riyadh, making it a global football festival.

To garner backing for these plans, Werner suggested, “Let’s find ways to make travel and stay affordable. If Liverpool clashes with Nottingham Forest in New York, we’ll facilitate fan travel making it worthwhile.”

This summer, Liverpool will face Arsenal in Philadelphia on July 31 and Manchester United in Columbia, South Carolina on August 3.

LaLiga, too, eyes reintroducing global matches after a failed attempt to organize a Barcelona versus Girona face-off in Miami back in 2019 was foiled by player and federation pushback.

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