James Urges Slot to Focus on Own Game Plan and Aim for 90 Points in Debut Liverpool Campaign

Pep Guardiola’s presence creates a challenge for all Premier League teams, Liverpool included, to aim for trophies, according to David James. Arne Slot should ignore distractions about catching Manchester City and focus on reaching 90 points in his debut season as Liverpool’s manager. This is the suggestion of ex-Liverpool goalie David James, who states that getting a Champions League berth should be considered the bare minimum for Slot, the new coach taking over from Jurgen Klopp at Anfield. Recognizing Klopp winning the EFL Cup in his final season, James believes setting targets for silverware in the Premier League is tough due to City’s consistent dominance under Guardiola. City’s unprecedented four consecutive Premier League titles and upcoming FA Cup final against Manchester United highlight their prowess. James suggests that Slot should concentrate on what he can control and aim for 90 points as a lofty goal that could put Liverpool back in contention. Despite finishing nine points behind Man City and seven off second-placed Arsenal in 2023-24, getting 82 points secured a Champions League spot for Liverpool. James insists Slot must maintain this status. He mentions that since City dictates the Premier League’s landscape, Slot’s primary objective should be Champions League qualification. Slot should then focus on achieving 90 points in pursuit of the league title, drawing on Liverpool’s past strong performances. James emphasizes that reaching 90 points would demonstrate excellence even if Liverpool didn’t win the league due to City’s dominance. He deems it an achievable goal, urging Slot to target consistent performances. The ex-goalie anticipates significant transfer activity after the staff shakeup but cautions Slot and his team may face challenges in player decisions. James underscores the importance of collective analysis in making transfer decisions, emphasizing that Slot should seek input from various sources. Liverpool’s successful track record in making strategic transfer decisions under Klopp should guide Slot’s choices to maintain success.

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