Everton released update on new stadium

Everton have released a detailed update on the status of their new stadium, after officially taking over Bramley-Moore Dock on Monday.

The club bought the sight last year and intends to build a new stadium of 50,000+ capacity there, which they hope will be in operation during the Premier League 2024/25 season.

They are now the official owners of the bridge, and Everton’s stadium development manager Colin Chong has issued fans a comprehensive update of the situation via their official website. There is a lot – almost 900 words – but the headline is that they expect to start laying the foundation for construction in early August.

“This next phase of our development is known as ‘enabling the works’ – preparing the jetty in preparation for construction. A process that will take several weeks,” said Chong.

? | When the club takes over the Bramley-Moore Dock website today, our Stadium Development Director writes to Evertonians …?

– Everton (@Everton) July 26, 2021

“Part of this enabling work includes setting up staff welfare facilities – and these will be extensive as our new stadium project is likely to be the largest private sector in the country.

“We have also carried out several underwater investigations in the bridge, including an unexploded ordinance investigation and I am sure you will be glad to hear that so far there is nothing there that concerns us.

“Our next step for the bridge is to make sure that we carefully remove and recover all wildlife and other organisms in the water before we start filling the quay with sand from the Mersey estuary in the autumn.

“The demolition of the existing unlisted structures is also still a few weeks away, but we must ensure that we have cleaned the buildings of all necessary materials and completed our plans for cleaning and demolition.

“It is our intention that we formally break ground on the eastern quay in early August.”

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