Educated players singing Sweet Caroline

Euro 2020 may have ended in mourning for England’s heroes this summer, but players are enjoying some well-deserved downtime ahead of the new Premier League season.

The three lions captured the hearts of the country during an exciting summer, which saw them reach the final of the European competition, before they suffered the destruction of a penalty shootout against Italy at Wembley.

What team ???

– Matt Zarb-Cousin (@mattzarb) July 17, 2021

But the group of players who so obviously grew to become a fraternity during the summer have stuck together during their summer vacation and have been caught on camera to get into their holiday.

Videos circled on Saturday morning and showed that a number of England’s Euro 2020 squad sat around a table together and enjoyed food and looked very much in holiday mode. Declan Rice, Mason Mount and Luke Shaw all sat and enjoyed each other’s company, while Kyle Walker began the clip from shots.

This summer’s anthem ‘Sweet Caroline’, sung by both players and supporters after the famous semi-final victory over Denmark, was widespread – although it was an optimistic version of Neil Diamond’s classic, which led to Three Lions hitting the table against the rhythm.

Out of nowhere, Walker went back to the party, t-shirt in hand that sang along to the classic banger. The unmistakable and captivating choir kicked in, and the players blew it out with a little gusto, just as they did the unforgettable night in London.

The boys seemed to have the time in their lives and good for them.

? Everton’s number 1! Get rave about buddy @ JPickford1?

– The Toffee Blues (@EvertonNewsFeed) July 15, 2021

England’s players all sunbathed at the moment, enjoyed themselves and took advantage of a much-needed break, behind a strenuous Premier League season and European adventure.

Nor are they the first to be caught by the low season. Jordan Pickford, who delivered some fantastic displays throughout the tournament, was caught and thrown off his shirt and tied Cher out on his friend’s shoulders.

The return of a hero.

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