new attack in the Bossangoa region

A group of young people was killed on Wednesday 21 July in Bongboto, 12 kilometers from Bossangoa. No official record yet, but it is believed there are at least eight dead.

For the government, this is the element of the CPC’s armed coalition who attacked villagers moving on the Nana-Bakassa axis. In the images consulted, the victims are mainly young men. An investigation has been initiated and investigations are ongoing, the minister’s spokesman for the government states.

But reports from two security sources indicate the presence of the events for the Central African Defense and Security Forces as well as Russian bilateral forces. For Minister Djorie, it is a combination of circumstances. Faca patrolled the shoulder at that time. They warned, they went to the attack site and brought the remains to Bossangoa Hospital, he said.

This new security incident occurs in this region, which is known to be favorable to former CPC President and Coordinator François Bozizé. Partial team selection is planned in Nana-Bakassa this weekend. The authorities shall ensure that they take the necessary measures to secure the vote.


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