Jean Michel Sama Lukonde promises the return of

The Congolese Prime Minister ended his visit to Lubumbashi, in the Katanga region, where he comes from. A visit of both a private and official nature.

as reported from Lubumbashi, Denise maheho

The same Lukonde’s mission in Lubumbashi was of a private nature, as he, Katanga’s son, will honor the memory of another leader in the province, his father Lukonde Kyenge. Co-founder of the federalist party Uferi, the latter was assassinated in April 2001, about ten kilometers from Lubumbashi, during Joseph Kabila’s reign when he demanded the Congolese dialogue.

This trip to the field was also official Jean Michel Sama Lukonde looked at the security situation in the Katanga region. As soon as he arrived, he got to the heart of the matter. First on the Place de la Poste on Friday night in front of a few hundred Luchois. The Prime Minister recalled his commitment to the fight against urban crime in Lubumbashi, where families are attacked every night by armed bandits who steal, kill and rape. The police are often accused of having participated in these criminal acts.

“Our first mission is to restore peace,” he said. And to add: “We are tired of the insecurity we feel in the country.”

Words he repeated this Saturday during the provincial council. But here, no state of siege decided for the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri also plagued by uncertainty.

The DRC minister said he had given instructions to the military and police to interrupt the uncertainty, but without further details.


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