controversy over a bill

A bill on benefits and special old-age pensions to be granted to the former Speaker of the National Assembly or any other parliamentary and legislative body is controversial. The text proposed by one of the members of the National Transition Council (CNT) has not yet been discussed, but it has already been a scream to oppose it because of the economic bleeding it can cause if adopted when the state pays are not full.

as reported from Bamako, Serge Daniel

The author of the bill, which sits on the National Council of the Transition, the body that plays the role of the National Assembly here, he says from an observation: we must spare the former presidents of the National Government of the Assembly or any legislative body to live in uncertainty when their mission is completed.

It then offers them pensions, diplomatic passports and drivers and other important benefits. For some, the string is too large. The unknown goal would be to include on the list of beneficiaries the current president of the CNT, Colonel Malick Diaw, one of the authors of the August 18 coup.

For others, it is not time to vote for this law at all. Sidibé Hassane is also a member of CNT. For him “it is a total absurdity to think of granting this kind of benefits during this transitional period”. He adds: “We must serve the state and not use ourselves”.

Another view, Malaysian political analyst Mohamed Ag Assory, “this proposal is important given the economic context”. For him, we should rather have proposed a law to remove all these enormous benefits granted to former dignitaries.


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