who is behind the assassination attempt

In Mali, the transitional president Assimi Goïta fled on Tuesday, July 20, an assassination attempt on the Grand Mosque in Bamako. A man attacked him with a knife and escaped before the police intervened to convict the individual, but a question on everyone’s lips: who are the people behind this assassination attempt?

as reported from Bamako, Serge Daniel

The president of the transition in Mali, after escaping an assassination attempt with knives, gave indications, if possible perpetrators, of the possible sponsors of the act.

“When you are a leader, there are always dissatisfied people, people who at any time want to try things to destabilize,” Colonel Goïta explained.

The investigators are studying several leads

“Destabilization”, the word is out, but by whom exactly?

A few hours after the arrest, the very tired attacker had still not spoken. “He apparently took drugs before taking action,” said a source close to the investigation.

Could it be an isolated act? It’s a trail, but not the only one. When it comes to jihadist tracks, investigators are cautious and ask for evidence. Another possible path would be a rivalry with dark forces for power control.

In Bamako, at the top of the state, it is said that the investigation will be thorough to find out the truth. But in the meantime, Colonel Assimi Goïta will be strengthened. Until then, he had traveled in a modest pick-up vehicle and his motorcade had only one motorcyclist and less than ten vehicles.

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