Trafficking in human beings with diplomatic passports

Diplomatic passports stamped with Guinea’s Bissauvendu’s official stamp for French employers, economists or consultants from a Parisian building. This reveals a Liberation survey. He followed in the footsteps of several men who benefited from this market.

It is by investigating former police officers or soldiers who have become criminals who reveals the Liberation journalist this traffic of official documents

He discovers that a former French policeman manages to obtain diplomatic passports from the Guinea-Bissau government.

The trail leads him to the ground floor of a building on rue Bassano, near the Champs-Élysées in Paris, where the sale of these passports that facilitate border crossings is organized. They are sold between 50,000 and 200,000 euros.

Some customers have even tried to get even more benefits from the French, Laurent Léger explains: “Several of these people who bought passports tried to be appointed advisers to the Guinea-Bissau delegation to Unesco. appointment to Unesco would have entailed legal immunity for acts committed in the performance of functions. They tried to get appointed, they thought they were, because they had received letters from the Guinea-Bissau government asking Unesco to appoint them as advisers. In this case, it was not. The Foreign Ministry in Paris refused. It must have been an internal investigation. ”

Contacted by RFI, the Ambassador of Bissau-Guinea to France, who is about to leave office, acknowledges the existence of such practices. She says that the work to combat the trade in official documents must continue.


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