the great magal in Touba maintained though

The Grand Magal of Touba will be held well in two months, despite the resurgence of Covid-19. A decision was announced during a meeting between religious and administrative authorities. Magal de Touba empties millions of pilgrims each year to celebrate the departure of the founder of the Mouride Brotherhood, Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba.

To be announced at the end of next September Grand Magal of Touba will be celebrated despite the Covid-19 pandemic. A statement from the spokesman for the caliph of the Mouride fraternity to the administrative authorities of the Diourbel region, one of the regions affected by coronavirus.

The city’s religious and health authorities are asking all pilgrims and faithful to respect the barrier measures for a Magal in complete safety and even to be vaccinated against Covid-19. When it comes to health, drugs will be used to raise awareness and also prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Approximately 6,000 healthcare staff will be deployed to strengthen the region’s medical staff and 180 medical services will be built.

Magal de Touba, in addition to being a religious encounter like the pilgrimage to Mecca, is a moment of great economic discussion. According to a study by Senegalese economist Souleymane Astou Diagne from Bambey University in Diourbel, Magal generates no less than 250 billion CFA francs a year in spin-offs for the formal and informal economy.

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