The Catholic Church is concerned about the arrest and

The Benin priests are worried about the many arrests and climate of fear that prevails in Benin. The Bishops’ Conference in Benin is expressed at the end of an ordinary session held from 18 to 20 May 2021, but especially before the investment of Patrice Talon, re-elected on 15 April with almost 87% of the vote.

as reported from Cotonou, Jean-Luc Aplogan

The bishops say they are worried and very worried about “the increasingly pronounced divisions within the Benin political class, also worried about the many arrests, the climate of mistrust and fear that prevails in the hearts of the people”.

There is an obvious social divide, the clergy conclude. For the recent presidential election, the Church had successfully called for the abolition of sponsorship to ensure a credible and peaceful vote.

The press release says nothing about the re-election of Patrice Talon or the turnout, but the several arrests condemned the concerns of opponents and people arrested before and after the election. Justice haunts them, one for criminal conspiracy, the other for money laundering and terrorist financing.

The Catholic Church advocates dialogue, tolerance and reconciliation, three things that make it possible to restore “living together.”

There was no official reaction on the power side, but Patrice Talon’s inaugural speech is planned in Porto Novo after his oath. We’re finding out if he’s just talking about a development program or if he’s adding any political messages.


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