The Burkinabé army accuses terrorist groups

In Burkina Faso, the armed forces have been in operation in the eastern region since July 20. The results are already noticeable according to some residents.

as reported from Ouagadougou, Yaya Boudani

Special forces supported by conventional forces have reinvested the forest parks in the province of Kompienga. According to security sources, several “terrorists” have been “neutralized”. A few weeks ago, the Madjoari people had shouted a cry from the heart, as their municipality underwent a blockade. Armed groups had settled there and prevented people from entering or leaving it.

In Madjoari and Pama, a flood of fires took place at the sites occupied by armed terrorist groups, according to several witnesses. “In recent days, we have seen many vehicles and military helicopters. There are many shots and explosions in the forests, explains a locally elected official.

Ahead of the emergence of the Burkinabé Armed Forces, the armed groups attempted to attack the special base base camp, according to a security source. The response from the Burkinabè soldiers made it possible to “neutralize several terrorists and destroy some thirty motorcycles”, our source continues. Weapons, ammunition, communication devices, many mobile phones and equipment for the manufacture of improvised explosive devices were seized. “The terrorists have abandoned their camp and a base a few kilometers from it,” the same security said.

The operation is still ongoing because some armed groups are still active. A local source announces the kidnapping of three people in the municipality of Madjoari on Sunday. According to a local resident, the roads are not yet open for traffic.


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