“Take your sheets”, a school help app from CM1 to

“Take your sheets” is the app that just won the Challenge App Africa competition from RFI and France 24. It is an application that allows students to revise their lessons and test themselves before exams. In a country where education is sometimes criticized and where some institutions have up to more than 100 students per class, this app may seem like a practical solution.

as reported from Abidjan, Peter Pinto

In Côte d’Ivoire, last year, less than 30% of graduates were admitted. A relatively low course that is not new and that inspired Christelle Hien-Kouamé, 38, who drew on her own experience.

“I went from middle school to high school at the municipal high school in Yopougon, the number of students was quite high so we had to collect homework with big brothers in the neighborhood or in photocopied annals to be sure of being on par. And I think it’s still going on, this quest for resources and homework to self-assess. It is a bit of all this that we have compiled in today’s application.

This is how “Take your sheets” was born a few months ago, a school examination and exam preparation app for students from CM1 to terminal, in all subjects. But also to parents who can follow their children’s development.

“The application contains summaries of lessons from the entire school program, quizzes that relate to all these lesson summaries, class assignments, pretend tests and previous national tests. We think the market is lively, because today we cover 1.3 million students in the Ivory Coast, which is located between CM1 and terminale. Every year, more than 300,000 students take the tests. ”

If the app is free, access to the corrected pays: 10,000 francs per year for all subjects and homework. Eneza, the company that develops it, has a dozen employees, as well as about thirty corrective teachers. She hopes to quickly reach 30,000 subscribers to become profitable.

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