seven people were killed in an attack in Arbinda

Seven people were killed on Monday morning in a terrorist attack in Arbinda, in the Sahel region of northern Burkina Faso. Four victims are volunteers for the defense of the homeland, the other three are civilians, including a woman. This incident comes the day after a double attack that killed 15 people on Monday near Dori, about a hundred kilometers east of Arbinda.

It was at a water tower, southwest of the outskirts of Arbinda, that armed men attacked on Monday morning, March 15. According to Ouarem Boureima, the former mayor of the city, their way of working remains the same: a dozen men arrive on motorcycles, search the wells, pumps or water towers, attack the population and leave.

“It is a real harassment, the chosen one regrets. For three weeks they have been destroying our drinking water sources and trying to suffocate us “. Today, almost half of the city’s water points have been searched. Communication channels are also targeted. On Monday, a bus on its way to Dori hit a mine and killed two people. The gendarmes deployed on the scene were in turn attacked and 13 of them were killed.

The terrorists want to occupy the area For several weeks, the terrorists have implemented a strategy to liberate this area, explains a French security source. “They want to drive out the locals to settle there and organize a kind of blockade for this.”

At the beginning of the year, Operation Barkhane and Burkinabe’s armed forces collaborated in several operations against the Ansarul Islam group in the region.

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