police host Instagram live with singer Naira Marley

Following a wave of criticism on social networks, the Nigerian police have launched a communication operation targeting young people, tired of excessive by some officers. The special anti-raiding brigade is especially designated for its violent methods bordering on legality. In recent days, many celebrities have taken up this cause, including singing star Wizkid and Davido. But it was another popular singer, Naira Marley, who was able to speak to a police spokeswoman live on Tuesday, October 6th.

as reported from Lagos,

The protest promised by singer Naira Marley was replaced by a discussion with the Nigerian police spokeswoman. In this live Instagram Followed by about 30,000 people living, the Nigerian singer became a spokesman for the youth: “In Nigeria, we see members of the anti-rallying group everywhere when they only have to intervene in case of burglary. Then we want them all to wear their uniforms and get around. “They can no longer drive around in unmarked cars, dressed as if they were banned,” he said.

Promise of reform

In front of him, police force spokesman Franck Mba promised a reform of the special anti-raiding unit while asking for more resources for his men. He seems to recognize the drives. “If, for example, all police officers in Nigeria were equipped with tasers, they would not shoot live ammunition at suspects. With a taser, they would have a way to immobilize them without inflicting life-threatening injuries on them, ”he said.

On the other hand, there is no question of dissolving the controversial special unit, according to the Nigerian police spokesman, while civil society organizations fear announcements that will not be followed up. On Sunday, the Nigerian police chief announced that this special unit could no longer carry out identity checks or stop motorists.


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