Moctar Ouane was appointed Prime Minister of the transition

In Mali, the president of the transition, Bah N’Daw, signed a decree appointing the prime minister. Former Foreign Minister Moctar Ouane has been appointed Prime Minister.

With our correspondent in Bamako, Serge Daniel

Two days after the inauguration ceremony for interim president Bah N’Daw, Mali knows his civilian prime minister. “Moctar Ouane, appointed Prime Minister”, here is the decree signed by president of the Bah N’Daw transition this Sunday, September 27th. Since 2016, it should be noted that the brand new Prime Minister was delegated for Peace and Security to the Commission of Economic and Monetary Union of West Africa (UEMOA) in Ouagadougou. According to our information, on Saturday night he met with officials from the junta as well as the interim president, to whom he gave his permission to fill the post of prime minister.

He is an independent man, his relatives describe him as very picky in terms of principles. It also has an address book. The man was also a former representative of Mali to the United Nations and diplomatic adviser to the presidency. As interim president, he believes we can not do everything in 18 months. Moctar Ouane therefore has priorities: the organization of transparent elections and action to participate in the restoration of the state. According to those around him, he intends to work with the interim president and ensure that the judiciary is independent with the right means.

The election of one of the M5 candidates was rejected

The election therefore did not ultimately fall on one of the candidates for M5, this coalition that had launched the popular protest against the former president IBK, says our special correspondent in Bamako, Florence Morice.

Several political figures in this movement believed that this post should be theirs given their contribution to IBK’s departure. But it was not until Saturday morning that the coalition was received by the junta to present its candidacies for the post, at a time when the negotiations leading to the appointment of Moctar Ouane were already well advanced. In addition, they had presented 14 candidates who, even internally, did not leave much hope of seeing one of them get elected. All eyes are now on ECOWAS, West African society had promised to lift the sanctions that have weighed on the Malian economy for more than a month in the event of a public civilian prime minister.


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