justice rejects the election of Noma Oumarou at the head of Mature Fa Lumana

The legal battle over the leadership of the main opposition party, Mature FaLumana, continues in Niger. The Niamey tribunal de grande instance issued an order on Tuesday ordering Noma Oumarou to stop behaving as party chairman.

The decision taken by the Niamey tribunal de grande instance orders “the cessation of the blatantly illegal suffering created by Noma Oumarou, who continues to behave as president of the Mature FaLumana Party”. The judges also order Noma Oumarou to stop “using party attributes”.

The party of the historical opponent Hama Amadou faces disagreement led by Noma Oumarou who led the party when Hama Amadou, convicted in the case of the stolen Nigerian babies, was in exile.

Noma Oumarou announces that he wishes to appeal

Ten days ago two congresses had taken place the same day in Dosso, about a hundred kilometers from Niamey, in the name Mature Fa Lumana. On the one hand, supporters of Hama Amadou had proclaimed him the “moral authority of the party” and nominated the candidate for the December 27 presidential election. On the other hand, Noma Oumarou was elected president of the party by his supporters.

But on Tuesday, September 29, justice rejected this disagreement. And then it’s Hama Amadou who wins the last round of the chiefs’ battle.

But the legal soap opera continues. As soon as the notice was published by the clerk, Noma Ouamarou announced that he wished to appeal.


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