inauguration of Thomas Sankara University

This is another step in the rehabilitation of Thomas Sankara’s memory: a university now bears his name. The inauguration of what was until then the Ouaga 2 campus took place on Thursday morning a few kilometers east of the capital.

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The opportunity for the head of government to initiate an appeal to the academic world that will occupy these places to carry the ideals, defended by Thomas Sankara, high.

Thomas Sankara University consists of amphitheatres and classrooms with 13,000 seats, offices, a sports center and is built on an area of ​​1,800 hectares. What makes students’ satisfaction and pride: “Thomas Sankara, it’s not just the name, Thomas Sankara, it’s in the deeds. This is what we want to learn. We hope that our teachers, our various leaders, may put this into practice. ”

Even for this second student: “He is a model to emulate, not only for the young people of Burkina Faso, but for young Africans, for young people everywhere.” By his side, a young woman projects herself into the future: “I feel that this university will awaken Sankaras who sleeps in us. The teachers must also train us as much as possible so that we become Sankaras in the future. ”

Learn Sankara ideals

The president of this university says he is aware of the heavy and noble mission of bearing the name of this national hero, Thomas Sankara. For Prime Minister Christophe Dabiré, this inauguration on October 15 is an important act to pay tribute to Captain Thomas Sankara.

“He was a person who was really involved in education issues, because vocational training, scientific education and also the support he gave to education, that is, the emergence of man in the whole development system, that is what we are doing. to enlarge today ”, says Christophe Dabiré.

The Minister of Higher Education has already announced the creation of a teaching and training module in the ideals and values ​​that Thomas Sankara defended within this university.

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