inauguration of a data center near Dakar, a

In Senegal, a state data center was inaugurated in Diamniadio on Tuesday, June 22, near Dakar. The infrastructure, presented as a “tool for digital sovereignty”, will make it possible to store data from the administration and the private sector. A “revolution” according to the authorities, in particular to facilitate the dematerialisation of administrative procedures. A project included in the emerging Senegal Plan, implemented with Chinese cooperation.

as reported from Dakar, Charlotte idrac

The new data center appeared from the ground on one hectare, at the end of a track, in the middle of the construction sites in the new city of Diamniadio. A “new era” for Cheikh Bakhoum, Director General of the State IT Agency (ADIE): “Africa collects just under 1% of data centers worldwide, which means that today we have to, we have to pay to access it. . So today, Senegal has the largest latest generation data center in West Africa, with almost a thousand square meters of technical space and 1.4 MW of energy capacity. ”

President @Macky_Sall visited the Diamniadio Digital Technologies Park website on Tuesday. This infrastructure, estimated at FRF 46 billion, will strengthen the conquest of digital opportunities. The delivery of the first phase will be valid for six months.

– Senegal Presidency (@PR_Senegal) 22 June 2021

A project that will simplify the lives of citizens and businesses, according to President Macky Sall: “The entire administration must be connected. I therefore instruct the government to now arrange for the data center to host all the state’s data and platforms. ”

Outside, activists sent by the majority political parties applaud, although the data center’s interest in some remains quite unclear. “What is it used for?” I really have no idea. “” We are all proud, because personal information is personal! “

The President also paid tribute to China, a partner in this project. But the very term “digital sovereignty” raises questions, emphasizes a specialist in the sector, while the data center is equipped by the Chinese group Huawei, suspected of “espionage” by the United States.


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