in France, the Prime Minister rejects the appeal

The French Supreme Administrative Court is therefore not opposed to his extradition to Burkina Faso. The younger brother of former President Blaise Compaoré is suspected by the Burkinabé court of having played a role in the assassination of journalist Norbert Zongo in 1998. According to a statement from the Prime Minister, the life of François Compaoré in Burkina is not threatened. Faso.

According to the ruling that RFI was able to consult with, the Government considers that the Burkinabè Ministry of Justice has made sufficient commitments about the place and the conditions for deprivation of liberty. to ensure the safety of François Compaoré. The Supreme Administrative Court has therefore just rejected the arguments of François Compaoré’s defense.

His lawyers also considered that this case was in fact political and that François Compaoré would not be right to a fair and just trial. Here too, the Prime Minister considers that the Burkinabè procedure has no purpose to oppress.

Finally, the defense of the former president’s brother had also called into question the legality of Burkinabe’s legal proceedings, since, according to them, François Compaoré had never been officially prosecuted. The Government considers that it is not its responsibility to take a position on this issue, but that this does not call into question the legality of the extradition of François Compaoré.

The suite before a European court

This decision of the Prime Minister marks the last end of the procedure for François Compaoréen France. In fact, the Prime Minister is the highest administrative authority in the country. Its judgment therefore definitively validates the legality of the extradition decree issued by the French Government in March 2020. The CEO can return François Compaoré to Burkina.

François Compaoré’s lawyers are now planning to take the case to the European Court of Human Rights. They can, as a first step, request an emergency order for France not to deport the former president’s brother. The European Convention can then go very fast and take its decision in a few days, which then allows lawyers to make a last resort at European level because of the merits and in these proceedings the European Court of Human Rights can spend several years on that decision.


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