Idrissa Hamidou Touré, the shaking magistrate

In Mali, there is talk of a judge. Idrissa Hamidou Touré is a prosecutor at the board in municipality 4 in Bamako. Its motto: “No one is above the law!” Leading the case of a Malian journalist who disappeared five years ago, he launched an international arrest warrant against suspects, prosecuting a senior army officer. Portrait of this 37-year-old prosecutor.

Idrissa Hamidou Touré is first and foremost the man who uses “shock” formulas. “As much as I hate abuse of power, I hate disorder and impunity,” he once wrote. It is often worn to the nines.

In his waiting room in a Bamako court, a dozen visitors are waiting and inside his office it is full of files. Freedom of speech, he puts on the table a book: The Duty of Dissatisfaction, by the French magistrate Eric de Montgolfier.

The latter is known to have made powerful men tremble in France. It’s a bit like the model for the Malian magistrate. “Our role is not to please, but to dissatisfy to the utmost,” he says.

Refuse to talk about current cases Little villain in the city? “If you want to,” the 37-year-old replies. He categorically refuses to talk about the files in question, the secrets of the investigation force. But prosecutor Touré agrees to say two things. For him, we must respect the presumption of innocence; secondly, no one is above the law.

He did not hesitate recently to publicly criticize a Malian minister in office who, according to him, gave the impression of interfering in an act. He is a graduate of the University of France and Mali and is determined to shed light on several sensitive issues. Especially the for disappearance for five years by a Malian journalist.

According to our information, new high-ranking officers in the army within the framework of this deal will soon be heard.


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