FNDC wants to support the victims of the Alpha regime

In Guinea, six months after the coup that overthrew Alpha Condé, the National Front for the Defense of the Constitution has decided to carry the vote of the victims of the old regime. A first meeting took place at the organization’s headquarters yesterday, Thursday 17 March.

The meeting room is barely enough to accommodate the twenty people who responded to FNDC’s call.

Among them is a father who has never been able to mourn. “I lost my boy … We shot here, in the heart. He fell, that’s how it turned out, 2013 … ”, he says.

That was after a demonstration in Conakry. With the fall of Alpha Condé, the need for justice could finally manifest itself in broad daylight.

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With Alpha Condés fall, the need for justice could finally manifest itself in broad daylight. “Since the coup, we have met several times here in the mosques. It is now that people gather to create a common cause. ”

So help from FNDC is welcome.

“With them we have good hope …”

Despite positive signals, such as launching an investigation into alleged crimes committed during Alpha Condé’s eleven years as president, Sékou Koundouno’s tone is still as demanding. He is responsible for strategies and planning at FNDC.

“We have noticed since 5 September 2021 that the new authorities do not pay enough attention to these blood crimes … The goal, at the level of national coordination, is to pressure the new authorities to make these crimes without priority.”

FNDC has identified more than 400 victims and given the scale of the case, the organization realizes that it needs support.

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