During the 100 days of Olivier’s kidnapping

It has been more than 100 days since the French journalist Olivier Dubois was kidnapped in Mali. A support meeting was held in Paris in the middle of the day. A banner was displayed in front of the town hall in the 10th arrondissement.

The message was clear, open in all speeches: we must talk about Olivier Dubois, we must get people to talk about him. Also talk about his job and the importance of protecting journalists and the right to information in countries where the situation is as difficult as in Mali.

It is unthinkable to be without information in this country, explained Pierre Haski, President of Reporters Without Borders (RSF). This demonstration for the liberation of Olivier is also a demonstration for the freedom of the press, RSF explains. That’s why we have to fight for Olivier Dubois, we need him, Pierre Haski agreed. The same message was conveyed in the letter written by Deborah, the wife of the olive tree, who could not help but leave Mali to come to attend the meeting, carried by the hope, she wrote, that Olivier could return at any time.

Rally in support of Olivier Dubois in Paris

Call for mobilization

The correspondent for Le Point and the daily liberation has therefore been detained by an armed group in northern Mali for more than 100 days since April 10, when he disappeared in Gao, in the northeastern part of the country. This meeting, the support committee explains, must also serve as a call for mobilization, especially on the part of the French and Malian authorities.

The latest news from the French journalist dates back to 5 May in a video published by the Support Group for Islam and Muslims (GSIM), Islamist fighters linked to al-Qaeda in the Sahel. In a letter published in connection with Olivier Duboi’s 100-day captivity, the family urges the French state and the Provisional Government of Malia to encourage them to “increase research”. The lawyer for the Dubois family wanted to be positive, in Bamako or Paris, Olivier does not forget.

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