CMA makes an overview of the six-year agreement in Algiers

The peace and reconciliation agreement (APR) stemming from the Algerian process was signed six years ago between the Malian government and the armed groups involved in the peace process.

In connection with this anniversary, the CMA (ex-rebellion) organized a press conference in Bamako on Sunday.

For her, if hostilities have ceased on the spot between the signatories of the agreement, it is necessary to deplore the absence of real progress in its application.

For the coordination of Azawad movements (CMA, ex-rebellion), the application is slow due to the peace agreement in Algiers. “Six years after the signing of this agreement, the results are not satisfactory,” said Maouloud Ould Ramadane, a spokesman for the CMA. For us, the fault lies with the government. ”

And when we remind him that the government is returning the ball to the ex-rebellion camp, he replies: “If the government says the fault lies with the CMA, we will ask for proof.”

He then insisted on one of the pillars of the agreement that he said had broken down, the GDR process (disarmament, demobilization and reintegration). “To go to disarmament, we need the methods. We cannot determine a quota of ex-combatants that will integrate these armed forces. We must agree on the reconstituted army aspect that the agreement talks about. ”

Six years later, the ex-rebels still control parts of the country, weapons in hand. Prime Minister Choguel MaÏga even talks about the need for an “intelligent re-reading” of the agreement.

“I do not know what he means by the word intelligent,” the CMA spokesman is surprised. For us, we need the full implementation, literally and spiritually, of this agreement. And to add: “be careful not to open Pandora’s box”.


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