Burkina Faso launches medical teleconsultation

In Burkina Faso, after the city of Tenkodogo, the regional hospital center in Dori, in the Sahel region, is experimenting with this new patient care procedure. The new platform is designed and set up by Burkinabè technicians from the Ministry of Digital Economy and aims to improve health care provision by allowing the people of the regions to benefit from specialist expertise in managing their sanitary conditions.

as reported from Ouagadougou, Yaya Boudani

We participated in a consultation between a pediatric specialist from CHU Yalgado Ouédraogo in Ouagadougou and a doctor in Dori in the Sahel region. On a screen, in his office at the pediatric ward of the Yalgado-Ouédraogo CHU, in Ouagadougou, Professor Fla Koueta consults a patient admitted to the Dori Regional Hospital Center, approximately 270 km from the capital.

Facilitated exchange The treating physician takes stock of the patient’s state of health. The specialist adjusts the treatment and asks for further examinations: “This exercise naturally allowed us to get in touch with our colleagues from Dori and to be able to discuss a case of a patient who is in a sensitive situation. He has a serious envenomation, 3 or 4. All in all, it enables us to provide expertise and strengthen the teams that are on the periphery. “

After Tenkodogo, the city of Dori has just been equipped for teleconsultation. The goal of the Burkinabè government is to improve health care by making specialists available to regional health centers. “The benefit, which we have seen by visiting the pediatric services, could have given these children a better state of health if they had benefited from the advice of a specialist from the consultation in their municipality. So we need to go fast and make sure this device is installed, emphasizes Hadja Ouattara Sanon, Minister of Digital Economy, Posts and Digital Transformation.

Data protection The Minister of Digital Economy assures that measures have been taken to protect patients’ personal data.


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