between CMT and the African Union, three months

After systematically sanctioning all countries where there has been a coup in recent years, the African Union made an exception for Chad. Following the takeover of the Military Transitional Council (CMT) three months ago, on April 20, the AU highlighted exceptional circumstances surrounding this coup. But since then, CMT’s relations with AU have been strained.

Egypt 2013, Burkina Faso 2014, Sudan 2019 or Mali 2020 … The African Union has so far systematically sanctioned all “unconstitutional changes in government”. On May 14, however, it decided to deviate this time from its principles by choosing not to sanction Chad after the Transitional Military Committee took power.

From a good source, the President of the AU Commission, Chadian Moussa Faki Mahamat, is no stranger to this exception, he who was present continuously in Ndjamena during the crucial days, from 19 to 29 April.

To justify this preferential treatment, the AU’s Peace and Security Council highlights the circumstances described as exceptional that surrounded this coup: Idriss Déby’s brutal death, the fragile ethnic balance in the country and his role. Political and military “central” in the Sahel. . It is this role in the region that has given the junta decisive support from African countries and France.

Chad is placed under “high surveillance”

In return, the African organization decided to place the country under “high surveillance” by appointing a High Representative responsible for revising the “transitional charter” as soon as possible, including in particular the principle of non-justification. Members of the military junta. as well as respect for a transition of no more than 18 months.

“No form of extension of the transition period (…) can be accepted”, warns AU at this time. Three months later, things have not changed and the CMT, which in many ways seems to have all the powers that be, has not reviewed the transitional charter.

In addition, the Congolese Basile Ikouébé, who was appointed head of the AU’s liaison office in Ndjamena in early June, has not yet returned to office, and in particular a suspension has just been delivered between the African Union and Chad. rejected the nomination of Senegalese Ibrahima Fall as a high representative of AU. The two parties assure today that the problem has been resolved without saying clearly whether Ibrahima Fall is being held in this post or not.

“The African Union seems paralyzed at the moment while the CMT is now at the helm”, laments an African diplomat, explaining that “the AU’s monumental mistake was not to sanction the Chadian military junta when it seized power by force”.


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