a timetable and respect for deadlines

Twenty parties called yesterday, Tuesday 27 July, for a successful transition. In a statement issued, they say they are ready to support the authorities to avoid pitfalls during this transition. This grouping, in which there are formations of ex-majority and ex-opposition, requires in particular respect for the date set for the conduct of the election and the publication of a detailed chronogram of the information leading to the election.

with our correspondent in Bamako, Serge Daniel

Among the signatories of the declaration we find heavyweights from the Malian political class such as the Alliance for Democracy in Mali (Adéma), formations or movements of former prime ministers, political groups and associations.

They all want a successful political transition. And to achieve this, they demand respect for the transition period, not a day longer, like Moussa Mara, former Prime Minister and spokesman for the coalition. “We unequivocally confirm our connection to strict respect for the period. the date chosen for the next general, presidential and legislative elections, namely 27 February 2022. We ask the transitional authorities to reaffirm their commitment to respect these deadlines’.

By pressing a little more pressure, the signatories ask the Malian authorities to publish a chronogram of the tasks to be performed until election day.

This withdrawal from a large edge of the Malian political class comes at a time when respect for the transition period is becoming more and more an inevitable debate.


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