Zuma Foundation launches a conversation on social networks

The Foundation for the former South African president launched a petition for donations on Tuesday, August 24, on social networks to help him pay his legal costs in various cases.

as reported from Johannesburg, Claire Bargelès

In South Africa, Jacob Zuma supporters are now being urged to put their hand in their wallets! The poster, which the Jacob Zuma Foundation posted on Twitter, shows the former president with a fist, accompanied by the following message: “We humbly ask for supportive donations to help cover our leader’s legal costs.” All along with bank details to receive participants .

The 79-year-old former head of state is accused of helping to embezzle a total of several billion euros during his entire presidency. He is serving a fifteen-month prison sentence for contempt of justice, but var hospitalized at the beginning of the month for surgical procedures. The former “President Teflon”, nicknamed for his ability to escape justice, is currently being prosecuted for a case of bribery as part of an arms deal signed with Thalès over twenty years ago.

Some of the costs in this case had been covered by the state, but a court decision, which was upheld in April last year, required repayment of at least one million euros. Jacob Zuma also had to return almost 500,000 euros of public funds used to renovate his private home.

The foundation’s spokesman says the former president is now drowning in debt. On social networks, if some say they are ready to help him, many South Africans are offended by such a request while Jacob Zuma is rightly accused of looting the treasury.


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