Tunisian volleyball players want to grow up in Tokyo

The Tunisian men’s volleyball team lost 3 sets to 1 against the USA on July 28, 2021 in Tokyo. This is the Tunisians’ third defeat in a row during these Olympics. But the African champions assure that they are above all there to grow, by meeting the best.

From our special correspondent in Tokyo,

The American volleyball players tough and tease each other like children after their victory against the Tunisians on July 28 in the first round of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021. However, they did not have fun all the time, this Wednesday at Ariake Arena. After a well-controlled first set (25-13), the US team has really given the second 25-23. And Tunisia, after a failed third set (25-14), still hung in the fourth (25-23).

“We showed amazing things and we won our first set during this competition,” said Wassim Ben Tara, Tunisian top scorer (16 points) during this meeting. We fought well during the second and fourth set ”. The one who develops in the pointed position continues: “After the third set, we regained our confidence, we tried everything and we were not far from going to the fifth set. It’s a shame because we deserved better. “

The Tunisians now have three defeats in as many matches, after their losses against Brazil (3 sets 0) and France (3 sets 0). But this set snatched from the Americans is valuable to the Eagles of Carthage’s trust. “It shows that we can really fight with this type of team, that we can capture sets from them. It starts there: winning sets. Before, why not, to win matches “, adds Wassim Ben Tara.

Win a second match in the Olympics

The Tunisian volleyball team has won only one match in the history of the Olympic Games. It was 1984 in Los Angeles. Its 35 other matches at the Olympics, the Tunisian selection lost them. So winning another match, July 30 against the Argentine and / or August 1 against Russia, would be fantastic. “There are still two bullets to fire. It will be difficult, but we will try, assures Wassim Ben Tara.

Its captain Mehdi Ben Cheikh is also cautious and recalls the goals of the African champions during these Olympics. “We know very well that we play against big teams. Our group is very difficult with teams like Brazil, France, Russia and Argentina, he emphasizes. The most important thing for us is to improve the level of the players. Because our national championship has a very low level. It is very important to play against big nations like these, to reach a new level ”.

When it comes to a possible quarter-final in Tokyo, which could be linked to a double success in the next few days, Mehdi Ben Cheikh does not even think about it: “You have to be logical. It will be very difficult to get there. The most important thing for Tunisia is to play well. ”


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