the Minister of Health was fired at the height of

Tunisian Health Minister Faouzi Mehdi was sacked by Prime Minister Hicham Mechchi on Tuesday evening, July 20, at the height of coronavirus contamination. This decision was announced in a brief statement from the Government Presidency without further explanation.

Faouzi Mehdi is the origin of a vaccination initiative, Tuesday and Wednesday, for all adults over 18 years. An announcement that caused a rush in the vaccination centers and very quickly was taken all places. The Ministry of Health finally limited access to the vaccine, this Wednesday, to over 40s to avoid a new crush.

The Tunisian Minister of Health was also criticized for not doing anything to compensate for the lack of oxygen. Consumption increased from 25,000 liters per day before the pandemic to 250,000 – ten times more. Until recently, stocks of vaccines were also limited. Suddenly, only 8% of the 12 million Tunisians could be vaccinated.

Lack of material

The country has been hit for a while by a fourth wave of pandemics and the lack of equipment makes the task for doctors and hospitals very difficult. . The country has registered an average of 150 deaths per day since last week.

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In the face of the catastrophic health situation, Tunisia has increased calls for help. She received oxygen and medical supplies from several Arab and European countries, and France has promised more than one million doses of vaccines. 600,000 doses have already arrived at their destination.

According to the WHO, Tunisia is the country with the highest death rate from Covid-19 in Africa and the Middle East.

Tunisia must be helped because it is a friendly country, a partner we love. Tunisia is now very affected because the health situation has been very difficult for a while.

Jean-Pierre Sueur, French senator and president of the France-Tunisia Interparliamentary Friendship Group


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