In Ceuta, residents are mobilizing to get by

In Ceuta, local authorities estimate between 8 and 10,000 migrants who have arrived in the Spanish enclave since the beginning of the week. And at 7,000, the number left voluntarily or returned to Morocco. Among those who remain in Ceuta (many of whom are minors), some live in centers where they sleep, are fed and receive basic hygiene products. Others are still on the streets of the city. Residents are mobilized to come to their aid.

With our special correspondent in Ceuta, Magali Lagrange

Mamadou still carries the paper that the hospital gave him last Tuesday after his swim, around his neck, along with thousands of people, most of them Moroccans. Before crossing the border, this 23-year-old Guinean left Tangier.

Since then, he has slept on the street. He points to rocks by the sea, on which he places a cardboard box at night, without being able to cover himself. Standing, leaning on a railing overlooking a beach where some families are enjoying the sun, he has just eaten a plate of pasta.

“To eat, we come here. There are people who share, there are people who give us food. It’s not regular, it’s every now and then they give us. ”

Today, four people, a family from Ceuta, came to distribute it on plastic plates with a carton of fruit juice. The pot is placed in the large luggage compartment of the car.

“We are here to support these children. Because it’s true, they are children, they are not adults who can stand up for themselves. They do not have to eat. They have no clothes. And then we come to their aid as best we can. We are anonymous families, we are not non-governmental organizations or anything else. But there are all these children who can be ours, so we wanted to offer them a dish today. “

Rachida estimates that she has provided more than a hundred dishes. The pot is already empty when one last boy approaches. She regrets that she had not planned more but promises to come back until the problem is solved.


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