Yoweri Museveni appoints women to positions

In Uganda, the list of the new cabinet prepared by President Museveni overnight was published and there are many women in strategic positions.

To help him in the presidency,Yoweri Museveni chose Jessica Alupo. Retired from the army, she was Minister of Education in 2011 before Janeth Museveni. The latter was finally appointed to the post of Deputy Prime Minister.

The new Prime Minister is also a woman, Robinah Nabbanja was elected. She served as Minister of Health in the previous government. A prime minister and a vice president who were not expected. These are numbers that are a little known to the public that did not appear in the list that was leaked at the beginning of the week.

Other women are mentioned at the head of various ministries: education, energy, work, health … About half of the 50 cabinet positions go to women.

It is generally the big names of the presidential party or those close to Yoweri Museveni that we find in this new cabinet. We can note the presence of General Muhoozi, Moses Ali, General Katumba Wamala, Jeje Odongo or even the president of the Presidential Party Justin Lumumba Kasule.


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